Talent Introcuction System

  International and domestic high-end talent recruitment channel access to reserve national standards and professional schools teaching requires double screening, has a professional involved outside of human resource management team to hire foreign teachers all process strict management to ensure safe and legal, have perfect training system and implement mechanisms to ensure that foreign teachers before mount guard keep common obey rules and clear responsibility and obligation to obey the law, professional foreign teachers management system and scientific evaluation system both virtue and business assessment to establish effective feedback mechanism.

Talent Introcuction System

High-end Teacher Data Base

International and domestic high-end talent recruitment channels professional reserve national admission standards and school teaching requirements double screening

Professional Management Team

A professional resource team will manage the entire recruitment process to guarantee the safety and legal status of the foreign teacher.

Extensive Pre-job Training

LOHAS has a complete pre-job training system and implementation mechanism to ensure that foreign teachers abide by the rules and regulations of their responsibility and obligation.

Objective Performance Evalulation

Professional teaching management and science based performance evaluation system of ethical teaching professionalism that establishes an effective feedback mechanism.